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The U.S. dollar bear market is confirmed. What are the implications?
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The U.S. dollar bear market is confirmed. What are the implications?

Investors could face the most dangerous — and opportunistic — investment climate in 45 years.

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See what this report has to say about 13Ds view.
Rising reflationary forces - Chart 1
Rising reflationary forces - Chart 2
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Rising reflationary forces suggest that long-term risks—and opportunities—are as extreme as we can recall in decades.

The growing downward momentum in the U.S. dollar’s 15-year cycle could trigger the most dangerous investment climate for euro-based investors in several decades.

The downturn in the U.S. dollar’s 15-year cycle and the rising global reflationary-forces are poised to accelerate. This, combined with the massive liquidity created by many years of central bank money-printing, could trigger one of the most dangerous and opportunistic climate for investors in several decades.

An interview with Kiril Sokoloff on Real Vision

An interview with Kiril Sokoloff on Real Vision

Described by Real Vision co-founder Raoul Pal as “an interview with Kiril Sokoloff, a revered investment visionary, who encapsulates the big picture trends better than anyone.” On Real Vision this week, Raoul Pal sat down with the "legendary" thinker to peer into the future of technology, China’s quantum computer advantage and long-term issues facing the US like health and demographics.

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Kiril Sokoloff on Identifying the Next Big Thing

Among professional investors, Kiril Sokoloff is well known for his ability to identify major trends early on in their development cycle. For this reason his views are some of the most sought out in the world of finance. Since 1983 he has been sharing his thoughts about markets and more at the firm he founded, 13D Research, via its weekly report, What I Learned This Week. In this episode, we discuss his research process, how he goes about identifying these major trends and his current views about markets and economies around the world.

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Global Arms Race Underway to Achieve Quantum Computing, AI Supremacy

Woody Preucil, Senior Managing Director at 13D Research, discusses the global arms race that is currently underway to achieve supremacy in quantum computing and AI. Woody discusses investments being made by individual companies and governments, who is currently in the lead, new technologies being created, and much more. Think this is sci-fi? Here what Woody has to say and you’ll certainly change your mind.

13D’s Asia Conference in Hong Kong April 2018

13D’s Asia Conference in Hong Kong April 2018

Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap?

A panel discussion with Dr Graham Allison on the major geopolitical issue of the 21st century. The event will be hosted by Ronnie Chan, Chairman Emeritus of the Asia Society—HK and Kiril Sokoloff Chairman and Founder of 13D Global Strategy & Research. Allison is the Douglas Dillon Professor of Government, Harvard Kennedy School. He was the founding dean of the Kennedy School and former director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Relations there. For the last four years under Graham’s direction, the Belfer Center was voted the best university-affiliated think tank in the world.

Thucydides’s Trap describes how a rising power can threaten the supremacy of an existing power. It is this very Trap that caused war between Athens and Sparta, resulting in the end of Greek civilization. As Henry Kissinger writes on the Trap: “I can only hope that the US-China relationship becomes the fifth case to resolve itself peacefully, rather than the thirteenth to result in war.”

Lee Kuan Yew: “The size of China’s displacement of the world balance is such that the world must find a new balance. It is not possible to pretend that this is just another big player. This is the biggest player in the history of the world.”

In 1980, China’s economy was only a tenth the size of the U.S. economy. By 2040, Allison reckons it could be three times larger. Being overtaken by a rival who shares common values—such as Britain grudgingly watching an upstart America surpass its power but largely preserve its cultural, religious, and political beliefs—is one thing. It would be quite another to be surpassed by an adversary whose values are so strikingly different.

Stressing that war is not inevitable, Allison also reveals how rising and ruling powers have kept the peace in the past—and what painful steps the U.S. and China can and must take to avoid disaster.

Join us to hear the views of these influential individuals who have predicted and responded to change over decades.

13D Brain Trust Event

13D Brain Trust Event

Each summer, 13D Research holds an annual Brain Trust Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. The Brain Trust is a one day event dedicated to enlightenment around health related topics. Past conferences have covered a broad range of topics, allowing clients, prospects and associates to converge with a dynamic mix of thinkers sourced from across a wide spectrum of disciplines. Speaker sessions throughout the day include both presentations and question and answer sessions. Past topics have included neuroplasticity, chronic stress, energy medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, light therapy, aging, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The conference is held outside in the heart of summer surrounded by mountains. The event includes speaker sessions, as well as a relaxed lunch, cocktail hour and formal dinner. Guests are encouraged throughout the day to listen, talk and share on the day’s learnings. Last summer, 2017, the evening concluded with a standout piano performance by Mr. Richard Glazier on the music of George and Ira Gershwin. The energy that surrounded the day’s topic culminated in Mr. Glazier’s brilliant performance.

The 2018 Brain Trust will be held on August 25th in Sun Valley, Idaho and includes topics such as sleep, oral health, cavitations and biological medicine.

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13D Rebuilding Schools in the Virgin Islands
13D Rebuilding Schools in the Virgin Islands

13D Rebuilding schools in hurricane hit Virgin Islands

Hurricane Irma and Maria’s impact on the U.S. Virgin Islands was nothing short of devastating. Critical recovery efforts are underway and canvass every dimension of the island community. In support of 13D’s vision to promote education at all levels, the company donated $100K to the University of the Virgin Islands Business School; the funds will be used to assist Dr. Hall, the President of the University, to restore the business school infrastructure and support the faculty’s emergent needs. Additionally, 13D contributed $60K to Antilles School and the Virgin Islands Montessori International Academy to ensure operability of both institutions through this tenuous recovery period. We continue to work closely with the headmasters of both institutions, Liz Morrison and Michael Bornn, to restore both schools to their former level of excellence. We invite you to also support this meaningful mission.

UVI Rise Relief Fund Antilles School Virgin Islands Montessori School